Tradición Ganadera is not a trust. Nor is it a rigid fixed-income product.

Aligned to our philosophy and total transparency vales, business with Tradición Ganadera transfer total real profitability to the parties. As a sign of commitment with clients and trust in the business, Tradición Ganadera’s operation is reimbursed according to final profitability obtained in each productive cycle. In the end, the company assumes risks as a partner in the deal.

Tradición Ganadera is a generator and administrator of agricultural business of variable rent. Business designed by Tradición Ganadera are simulated with strict variables before being implemented, which allows expected profit ranges.

Profitability in business is clear and transparent. Each business is carried out by three partners: investor, producer and Tradición Ganadera; the participation of each part allows us to keep a balance of those involved and collaborates to the nurturing of long-term relationships, as we insist that all parties meet face-to-face.

Tradición Ganadera’s profit is also variable, so the company is constantly devoted to the maximization of returns and maintaining low costs, as once each business is settled the investor will be charged with a percentage of their profitability as a “success commission”.