Lately, financial markets had had uneven results and recently volatility has been installed so profits (at the same risk) are less attractive to investors.

Agricultural cycles depend on climatic variables and biological factors. This sometimes makes it difficult to develop financial plans, being usual that a mismatch is generated between payment and collection,

which might result, even in effective producers, financial needs in the short term. Tradición Ganadera has designed two products to assist producers in those mismatch times.

For the agricultural producer planning the finance of its crops’ finances is a challenge, since the incomes for them come up after several months the outflow has happened, once the crop has been harvested and marketed. Certain costs of the agricultural production such as services, fuels and agrochemicals

can be bought at prices that are more attractive when they are paid cash. With Agricultura Avanza we help the producer negotiate better benefits before collection of the harvests. Tradición Ganadera has created a simple and flexible instrument to bridge the gap between depositors and producers.

It is common for the cattle sector that breeding replacement or slaughter animals need a certain period (in general, no more than 90 days) for their settlement.

Having this anticipated capital allows the selling producer to obtain advantages in the following operations. Ganadería Avanza deals with the articulation of investors and producers in a quick and safe way.